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Welcome to Missouri Amateur Ice Hockey Association Youth Division, also known as "Missouri Hockey Youth Division" and hereinafter referred to as “MAIHA-YD.”

MAIHA-YD was formed in the fall of 1985 as a  Missouri not-for-profit corporation and is affiliated with USA Hockey and is a division of Missouri Hockey, Inc.

The purpose and objective of MAIHA-YD is:

  • To develop, encourage and regulate the game of ice hockey as an amateur sport in the State of Missouri so that the sport is made available to the most possible number of players at all levels of competition.
  • To develop and encourage sportsmanship and playing proficiency by all players, persons and leagues, associations or organizations involved in the sport of ice hockey, at all levels of play, including education in the playing skills of ice hockey for the benefits of health and welfare of individual players and the community, including such advanced programs as possibly may assist individual players in furthering their college education by scholarship aid.
  • To establish uniform playing rules for amateur hockey to the greatest extent reasonable and possible, within its jurisdiction, and to encourage standards of conduct and performance for coaches, administrators, and officials within its jurisdiction.
  • To assist in the promotion and conduct of tournaments of member organizations, leagues or associations and to sanction teams participating in such tournaments.
  • To communicate with USA Hockey, Inc. and Missouri Hockey, Inc. offices as required; improving and promoting the sport of ice hockey both within and outside the State of Missouri
  • To establish such rules governing the play of ice hockey games, conduct of players, officials and persons associated with member organizations, relationships between and within member organizations, as may be required for the public assurance of high standards of skill, fair play, integrity and good sportsmanship.
  • To educate and inform the public and media, to the end that the sport of ice hockey may gain popular support and acceptance as a wholesome sport.
  • To encourage the establishment and development of individual organizations, autonomous for the purpose of organizing, planning, conducting, financing and administering their programs.
  • To arbitrate and settle disputes between member organizations and players and serve as the disciplinary body within the area of jurisdiction.
  • To do any and all other acts necessary or desirable in the furtherance of the foregoing purpose and objectives for the sport of ice hockey.


The organization membership is made up of Tier I or Tier II Youth Hockey organizations in the greater St. Louis area with a minimum of 100 individual, MAIHA-YD registered players. Organizations that are involved or interested in ice hockey competition may be eligible to petition to be Allied members. For full information on membership please review our by-laws.

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