Missouri Ice Hockey Officials/Referees

Missouri Ice Hockey Officials Association


  • The Official referee scheduling body for all games under the jurisdiction of Missouri Hockey. 
  • The provider of on ice officials for USAH District and National Tournaments held in the State of Missouri and the St. Louis area. 
  • The provider of off ice officials for any sanctioned USA Hockey games and event
  • Promoting the sport of amateur ice hockey through the development of on ice officials.
  • Encouraging the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship by providing safe and fair environments in which to conduct competitions.
  • To serve as an affiliated member of USA Hockey, Inc. (a 501(c)(3) organization) and to work with other affiliated members to further amateur ice hockey.
  • To provide training and education programs for on ice officials and other members of USA Hockey Inc.
  • To provide on-going review and supervision of on ice officials and to assure that the highest standards of conduct and integrity are maintained.

Visit the MIHOA website for more information.

MIHOA Public Website

Visit MIHOA's public website to ensure your games are on the site for ref scheduling.


​I​f you had a negative experience, you may file a complaint with the MIHOA Complaint Committee. This is for games that were officiated by MIHOA officials.

MIHOA Request for Game Officials Policy

The Youth Division schedules officials for Youth Division league games that are to be played in the greater St. Louis area; including officials for declaration and Blue Note Cup games.

Clubs are responsible for scheduling officials for friendly, practice, tournament and other non league games.

MIHOA has established policies for leagues, tournaments, clubs and teams for requesting or changing officials for games.

Requests are to be submitted by club/team only for NON LEAGUE games and for the initial scheduling of officials only.

Requests to add, change or cancel games must be sent to the appropriate league, tournament, club or opposing team.

Click on the below button to visit MIHOA's website to learn how to and to schedule officials.

Click on the first document link to download a copy of the policy and on the second document link for a sample of the game request import format.

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