Blue Note Cup

Bill Baker

BNC Tournament Director



Feb 9-11, 2024

Midget Playoff Games (18UAA & 16UAA)

Feb. 22-25, 2024

Blue Note Cup Playoff Games (Squirt,Bantam, Midget 16U A1)

March 2-3, 2024

Blue Note Cup Championship Weekend (All Divisions)

2024 BNC Information

2024 Blue Note Cup 6U & 8U Festival

Updated 2/29/24 1:00pm

Replaced a White team that dropped and added Lockerroom Numbers for each team

B-A = Barn Meeting Room A

B-B = Barn Meeting Room B

LCA = Lady Cyclones A 

Added TB team to replace Kirkwood team that dropped

Swapped two 6U teams to avoid playing same clubs. No other changes made.

Replacing team from waitlist for one that dropped out (Yellow)

The Missouri Hockey Youth Division and Blue Note Cup Committee are pleased to annouce that the 2024 Blue Note Cup Festival schedule has been posted. Please see the link below - click and it will download to your computer. You may need to look in bottom left corner to find the file. It has also been posted on Blue Note Cup webpage

If you are receiving this email your team should show on the schedule. The name on the schedule is what you used for the team name with you registered for the festival - some had minor changes to keep the format similar. Should be Club/Coach or Team Name.

Please find your day and time asap to confirm. If your team is not on the schedule below you may have received the email by mistake and we apologize.

Changes will not be made to the schedule for any reason other than if errors are found. Teams from clubs with multiple teams in a group (6U/ 8U B-W-R) can swap times with one of their club teams provided both coaches agree. If this is done please send an email with both teams contacts copied on it to the Festival director (below).

There is no cost for the Festival.

If your team needs to drop out of the festival please contact the Festival director ASAP. We still have a waiting list for every group.

Teams are free to wear the jersey of thier choice. If possible bring light and dark jerseys and coaches can make sure colors do not match when they arrange the games.

There is no formal format for which teams play who by the schedule. At the rink prior to the game slot the coaches can decide who plays who. After the first game, half of the teams will stay on the same ice and the other teams will rotate to get a new opponent for the second game. Just as an example for the 6U bracket - Teams 1,2,3 will each be in a slot on the ice. They will play Teams 4,5,6. At the end of the first game Teams 1,2,3 stay where they are and Teams 4,5,6 shift one positon for the second game.

There will no be officials on the ice. Coaches should come prepared to skate and help with their team on the ice and overseeing the game.

We will Zamboni the ice after every two games. Thus coaches need to be prepared to help with the boards and pads either before their game or after. The 15 min slots between games reflect when the ice will be done. All coaches need to help with this to keep the schedule on time.

We will have the clock set to sound for line changes.

At this time there are no limits or restrictions due to Covid. There are plenty of seats so bring a crowd to help cheer the teams on. There will be 30+ Championship Games going on at Centene during the Festival. Plan some extra time to let the Festival players check out what is in store for them down the road.

You will get additional emails as we get closer to the Festival that will include information on picture packages both on and off ice, where and when the manager/coach needs to check in etc.

Have a great rest of the season and we look forward to seeing you at the 2024 Blue Note Cup Festival.

2024 Blue Note Cup Festival Director

Bill Baker

2024 BLUE NOTE CUP FESTIVAL SCHEDULE (click link below)

2024 Blue Note Cup Tournament (Youth Division)

Updated 2/22/24 9:30 PM

Due to concerns with the weather we have changed rinks and times for games in the following divisions that were outdoors. Check your brackets for new times and rinks.

10UA2 on Sun at 3:00pm Barn

10U C2 on Sat 4:00pm at Florissant and Sun 4:15pm at Florissant

12U A1 on Sun 3:00pm at Barn

AT THIS TIME - All other outdoor games will play as scheduled. We will continue to monitor the weather but we have very few options for ice and officials

The 2024 Blue Note Cup brackets as posted are now FINAL for all divisions.

To find the BNC bracket for your division go to the DIVISION tab at the top of the YD page. Click on your specific division and then click on the BRACKETS on the left side of the page.

Schedules will NOT be adjusted for any reason other than out of town teams travel or errors found in Host's ice schedules.

The 2024 Blue Note Cup Tournament will take place on 2 weekends at the end of the 2023-2024 Season.

The Playdown weekend for Squirt thru Bantams and Midget 16A will be Feb 22-25 at rinks all over town.

The Championship Weekend (all divisions) will be March 2&3 at Centene.

EVERY Youth Division team plays in the tournament. It is single elimination and seeding will be determined by the season standings. The first weekend divisions will be assigned a host association and playdown to two teams on ice provided and scheduled by the host. The second weekend all Championship Games along with local Championships for CS and AAA teams will all be played at Centene.

There will be NO travel permits issued to Youth Division teams for either weekend of their tournament.

Teams do not need to register for the tournament - if you play in the regular season league you are automatically in.

For questions please email Blue Note Cup Tournament Director Bill Baker at

2024 Blue Note Cup AAA / CS Championship Game Schedules




Each year the Missouri Hockey Youth Division has hosted a season ending Championship Tournament for all teams participating in the Youth Division Travel (A1 thru C) Leagues. AAA and Central States teams in non-National bound age groups also have division Championships as part of the tournament. For many years the tournament was known as the State Championship Tournament or the SCT. In 2017 Missouri Hockey Youth Division and the St Louis Blues teamed up to take the tournament to another level. The event is now be called the Blue Note Cup – Missouri Youth Hockey Championship.

The Blues’ “Blues For Kids” program had given a significant contribution towards the tournament’s operating budget. In addition, in probably the biggest change for the tournament the Blues will be donating a trophy that will be awarded to each Champion. The winning team will be engraved on the trophy and the winners will be allowed to display the trophy in their rink for the year. The individual awards that have been used in the past will also remain.

We are truly grateful for the Blues joining the tournament and believe that an event that has been very well received will now take another step forward. The tournament committee wishes all teams good luck in their regular season games and look forward to seeing you at the Blue Note Cup.

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