Tier II

Missouri Hockey AA POD Divisions

Missouri Hockey has a POD AA Division for each birth year Squirt Minor through Bantam Major. The PODS teams play in the Central States Hockey League. Missouri Hockey has three POD Clubs; Knights, Eagles and Sting. The Knights POD is made up from players from Kirkwood, Rockets, and Chesterfield. The Eagles POD is made up from players from Affton, Meramec, and Southern Illinois. The Sting POD is made from players for St. Peters and Twin Bridges. Players must play for the POD team that is grouped with their home zip-coded association. Players from clubs outside of those clubs mentioned are considered eligible to try out for all three PODS. PODS teams will play in the BNC playoffs and participate in the BNC championship weekend. 

AA CS Game Formats and BNC Rules

The following rules are in addition to the YD Rules and Regulations for the purposes of facilitating the Youth Division Tier II AA Blue Note Cup Championships pairings at Squirt Minor, Squirt Major, PW Minor, PW Major, and Bantam Minor.


Each team will get 2 points for a Win in their divisional games, 2 Points for an Overtime/shootout Win, or 1 point for an Overtime Loss.

Every game will be played to a winner. Game progression: Three Periods, Overtime, Shootouts.

The top two seeds in each in each AA division will play for their respective Blue Note Championship. Should a tie occur in the standings the first tie breaker will be goal differential in games played between the two tied teams. Second tie breaker will be most goals scored between tied teams. Third tie breaker will be least amount of goals against tied teams.

The highest seeded team in each Division will be considered the home team for BNC championship game. The second highest seeded team in the Division will be considered the away team for the BNC championship game.

Don Arias

Tier II / CS POD Commissioner


Sean Hazelton

Eagles Club Representative

Gary Tockman

Knights Club Representative

Dennis Coon

Sting Club Representative

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