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Playing in the Missouri Hockey League

Missouri Hockey and our clubs provide many opportunities to be a part of the great game of ice hockey. Whether your child is just learning to skate or your player is striving to compete for a gold medal we hope that we can support your family in their journey.

Missouri Hockey Youth Division affiliate clubs are districted by zip codes allow families to play close to home and build strong clubs in all areas. Each club is assigned specific zip codes. Players are required to register with the appropriate club based on their primary residence zip code.

Shared zip codes mean that those zip codes are shared by more than one club. A player has the option to register with any club that is assigned the shared zip code, once a player registers with a club they are then districted to that club.

Open zip codes are not assigned to a particular club. A player may register with any club that he or she wishes.

Please consult the rules and policies for player movement restrictions between clubs after registering with a club.


Missouri Hockey has a POD AA Division for each birth year Squirt Minor through Bantam Major. The PODS teams play in the Central States Hockey League. Missouri Hockey has three POD Clubs;

Eagles: Meramec Hockey Club/Southern IL/Affton Hockey

Sting: Twin Bridges Hockey Club/St Peters Hockey

Knights: Chesterfield Hockey Association/St. Louis Rockets/Kirkwood Youth Hockey Association

Players must play for the POD team that is grouped with their home zip-coded association. Players from clubs outside of those clubs mentioned are considered eligible to try out for all three PODS.

POD teams will play in the BNC playoffs and participate in the BNC championship weekend.


There are some exceptions to zip code districts.

· Spring and summer leagues are open district, this means that you can play anywhere during this time for development, but would return to your club determined by zip code to play in the fall/winter league.

· All Midget teams are open districts.


Many area ice rinks run "skate schools" that offer classes in skating skills and basic stick/playing skills. These are open to all families. You should contact your local rink(s) to learn what is offered.


Missouri Hockey and our clubs offer "LTP" programs throughout the year. For more information on these please visit the clubs' websites. Missouri Hockey sponsored programs will be announced on the home page of this website.


Participation in AAA programs is by tryout and is not districted.


The St. Louis Blues have partnered with the NHL and NHLPA to create Little Blues, a low-cost learn-to-play program to allow kids to experience hockey for the first time.

This seven-week introduction to hockey program is intended for children ages 4-9 that have not participated in organized youth hockey before. Children who have registered with a local Missouri Hockey association previously are not eligible to participate in this program.

The Little Blues program cost is $250 per child and includes six on-ice practices, a Little Blues graduation ceremony, and a complete set of hockey equipment. Skating lessons are highly recommended before the start of the Little Blues Program.

All sessions will take place at the Centene Community Ice Center, the official practice facility of the Blues.

Once registered, participants will attend a Pure Hockey equipment fitting event three weeks prior to the first ice session. Properly fit equipment is important for comfort, performance, & safety!

Equipment Kit

- Little Blues jersey

- Skates

- Shoulder pads

- Gloves

- Elbow pads

- Helmet

- Shin guards

- Hockey pants

- Hockey socks

- Hockey stick

- Equipment bag

USA Hockey Resources

USA Hockey is the resource for youth hockey parents and players. We recommend you visit their website for key information and resources. Below are links to key areas on their website:

On this page you will find many resources for hockey parents, including:

  • Link to U.S. Center for Safesport
  • Link to New Hockey Parents page
  • Link to Download PARENT HANDBOOK

Youth League District Zip Codes

Affton Americans

Zip Codes Exclusive or Shared
63111, 63116, 63123, 63126 Exclusive to Affton
63109, 63110, 63139 Shared with St. Louis Rockets
63125, 63127, 63128 Shared with Meramec Sharks

Chesterfield Falcons

Zip Codes Exclusive or Shared
63005, 63025, 63038, 63040, 63069 Exclusive to Chesterfield
63011 Shared with Kirkwood and Rockets
63017 Shared with Rockets

Kirkwood Stars

Zip Codes Exclusive or Shared
63021, 63088, 63122 Exclusive to Kirkwood
63011 Shared with Chesterfield and Rockets
63131 Shared with Rockets

Meramec Sharks

Zip Codes Exclusive or Shared
63010, 63012, 63052, 63129 Exclusive to Meramec
63125, 63127, 63128 Shared with Affton

Mid MO Tigers

No assigned zip codes, lies outside the greater St. Louis area.

Southern IL Ice Hawks

Zip Codes Exclusive or Shared
62059, 62071, 62201, 62203, 62204, 62205, 62206, 62207, 62208, 62220, 62221, 62222, 62223, 62225, 62226, 62232, 62239, 62248, 62254, 62255, 62258, 62260, 62264, 62265, 62269, 62282, 62285, 62289, 62298 Exclusive to Southern IL
62234 Shared with Twin Bridges

Springfield IL Kings

No assigned zip codes, lies outside the greater St. Louis area.

Springfield MO Spirit

No assigned zip codes, lies outside the greater St. Louis area.

St. Louis Rockets

Zip Codes Exclusive or Shared
63043, 63074, 63105, 63108, 63112, 63114, 63117, 63119, 63124, 63130, 63132, 63141, 63143, 63144, 63146 Exclusive to Rockets
63011 Shared with Chesterfield and Kirkwood
63017 Shared with Chesterfield
63044 Shared with Twin Bridges
63109, 63110, 63139 Shared with Affton
63131 Shared with Kirkwood

St. Peters Spirit

Zip Codes Exclusive or Shared
63301, 63303, 63304, 63332, 63338, 63341, 63346, 63348, 63365, 63366, 63367, 63368, 63373, 63376, 63385, 63386 Exclusive to St. Peters

Twin Bridges Lightening

Zip Codes Exclusive or Shared
62001, 62002, 62010, 62018, 62021, 62024, 62025, 62034, 62035, 62040, 62046, 62048, 62058, 62060, 62061, 62062, 62067, 62074, 62084, 62087, 62088, 62090, 62095, 62097, 62249, 62272, 62281, 62294, 63031, 63033, 63034, 63042, 63045, 63134, 63135, 63136, 63138, 63145, 63147 Exclusive to Twin Bridges
63044 Shared with Rockets
62234 Shared with Southern IL

Open Zip Codes

Zip Codes
63019, 63026, 63028, 63103, 63104, 63106, 63107, 63113, 63115, 63118, 63120, 63121, 63137, 63140, 62236
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