USA Hockey Zero Tolerance Policy

Additions to the USAH Zero Tolerance Policy Rule Re: Officials Rooms and right of ways Purpose: To increase safety of officials from both physical and verbal confrontation.

This policy is adopted by Missouri Hockey, Inc. for all USA Hockey sanctioned games played within the Affiliate and is in addition to the current USA Hockey Zero Tolerance Policy.

Coaches/players/team managers/spectators may not enter the Referee's dressing room before or after a game and shall not approach officials in any manner without consent from the official from the time an official enters into the rink facility to their exiting the rink including any areas off the ice, the officials’ dressing room, rink lobbies and outdoor areas, including the parking lot. In addition to any supplemental discipline provided by a committee pursuant to USA Hockey By-Law 10, violations of this rule will have the following consequences:

For a coach, player, or other rostered team member who engages in said conduct during or immediately after a game - a game misconduct penalty shall be assessed by the on-ice officials and a report of the incident shall be filed using the Game Reporting System. The report will be submitted to the proper league disciplinary committee for possible further disciplinary action or suspension.

For a team manager or spectator (fan) – the on-ice officials shall report the incident on an Incident Report. The report will be submitted to the proper league Disciplinary Committee, who will notify the accused. A mandatory hearing will be held with the team coach and a representative of their association's governing board to discuss possible disciplinary action. Coaches and team managers will be required to submit the names of said parent, spectator, or fan if there is a question as to the identity of said party. The failure of a coach or team manager to submit the names of said parent, spectator or fan shall subject the coach or team manager to disciplinary proceedings.

Progressive penalization process: A first offense will always carry a minimum of 6 months of probation and possible suspension following a hearing with the appropriate disciplinary body.

The second infraction will trigger a hearing with the Missouri Hockey, Inc. Affiliate Rules & Disciplinary Committee. This could result in more severe suspensions, probations, and possible scenarios for professional treatment (Anger Management).

The third infraction will trigger a hearing with the Missouri Hockey, Inc. Affiliate Board and may result in additional disciplinary consequences up to and including permanent suspension from all USA Hockey activities.

The purpose and intent of this policy is to increase protection of officials from abuse and the intent of any disciplinary actions is to modify behavior.

Passed by the Missouri Hockey, Inc. Board of Directors on April 26, 2023